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Water Pipes

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Jan. 16, 2006 / 16:41 PM (CST)
FUJIFILM FinePix S5200
Exposure: 1/120 sec
Aperture: f 3.2
Focus: 63 mm
Meter: Multi-Segment
Brightness: 3.86
ISO: 200
flash: fired

Okay...so this isn't the most interesting photo in the world (unless you're in to water pipes and spillways). Just say it's pretty and go about your day. :-)

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  • It's pretty....I'm outta here ;-)
    peter @ Jan. 17, 2006 / 8:26 AM (CST)
  • I worked for a civil engineering firm for quite a few years; many of them would sure find that pretty beyond belief!
    ROB @ Jan. 17, 2006 / 15:00 PM (CST)



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